It is when you manage to realise your client’s dream that you feel really satisfied.
It is when he shakes your hand with enthusiasm that you understand how important your work has been for him. These are moments that encourage you to go on, looking towards new horizons… to start the best chapter of our exciting work.
9 good reasons to choose Polito windows and doors.
Energy efficiency
Do you want windows and doors that reduce heat loss and therefore ensure high levels of energy saving?

Polito can study and calculate thermal transmittance for each single window and door according to the exact location of the building, referring to the climate zones and limits of thermal transmittance for Italy.
Should your ideal windows and doors guarantee resistance to all types of weather and climatic conditions, while maintaining high performance levels?

One of the advantages of aluminium windows and door frames is that they guarantee the same performance over time as they did on the day they were purchased. Polito Serramenti also installs EPDM rubber seals on all its windows and doors which ensure greater resistance to weather conditions compared to traditional seals. Lastly, the surfaces are painted with extremely tough multilayer natural pigments.
Protection and safety
Do you think that the main feature of your windows and doors should be excellent resistance to breaking and entering to ensure the safety and protection of your family and home?

POLITO windows and doors react excellently to ordinary breaking and entering. Tested according to European standard DIN EN V 1627, our products have achieved classes 2 and 3 with the installation of the appropriate optional kits.
Design and originality
Windows and doors clearly need to be functional. However, to be ideally suited to your home, do you believe that they should be designed so that they enhance rooms, providing them with new profiles and new forms?

The wide range of designs and finishes provided by Polito can enhance both traditional and contemporary rooms, respecting forms in conservative restoration projects. The latest designs provide even more light for living spaces, thanks to streamlined forms and thin profiles.
Above all, they should be simple to use. Do you want windows and doors that are easy and quick to open?

Polito windows and doors offer solutions for all types of system, whether casement or sliding windows and doors, which can be used both for traditional buildings in historic centres and for contemporary architecture.
Acoustic insulation and soundproofing systems
Are windows and doors that ensure high levels of acoustic comfort essential to your health and wellbeing at home?

All Polito windows and doors, both casement and sliding solutions, have class 4 air permeability and therefore have excellent soundproofing values. By using the right type of glass, it is possible to reach 43dB for casement windows and doors, up to 42dB for external pedestrian doors and up to 41dB for sliding windows.
Elegant colours and finishes
New light for your home. How important is it to for you a window or a door to create elegant visual effects that remain unaltered over time?

The paints used by Polito ensure high levels of performance in terms of resistance to light and corrosion, reaching class 2. A wide range of finishes are available, including gloss, matt, frosted, oxidised or wooden effects which are fantastic both to look at and to the touch.
State-of-the art technology
Are you looking for windows and doors with motorised locking mechanisms which make them easier to use, even with remote controlled devices?

All Polito windows and doors are compatible with automation systems: opening and closing of doors or windows/opening and closing of blinds or shading systems. Excellent design solutions ensure that electric wires or fittings are hidden from view. Windows and doors can be operated by remote control or included within a complex home automation system.
Environmental sustainability
Do you want the windows and doors you choose to respect the environment, just as you do?

Polito aluminium windows and doors have a low environmental impact because they are 100% recyclable and use paints with zero emission solvents.