It is when you manage to realise your client’s dream that you feel really satisfied.
It is when he shakes your hand with enthusiasm that you understand how important your work has been for him. These are moments that encourage you to go on, looking towards new horizons… to start the best chapter of our exciting work.
Each internal human resource is involved to ensure that work is always carried out with awareness of its importance.
The company operates in a quality management system certified according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 submitting products and production processes to rigorous internal and external controls, in this way ensuring that the services provided correspond completely to the needs of its own clients in terms of legislative prescriptions, punctuality and flexibility.

Modern numerical control cutting and work stations allow the qualified personnel to reduce production times and to achieve a very high quality standard. All of these elements allow us not only to have a considerable production capacity but allow to propose solutions for contemporary living styles with a low environmental impact and high energy saving.

Polito possesses the following quality certification:
ISO 9001:2008,
Certification for quality management system issued by SQS and IQNET certification bodies;

Certification of authorisation to carry out Public Works issued by the CQOP certification body.